Whirlpool 6.4 cu. ft. Slide-in Electric Range with True Convection in Stainless Steel (S)


Model: WEE745H0FS

  • Skip preheating for frozen favorites with FROZEN BAKE Technology
  • True convection cooking helps cook food fast w/ 3rd element & fan
  • FLEXHEAT triple radiant element is like having 3 elements in one
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Take on family favorites with this slide-in electric range designed to fit your kitchen and your cooking. Frozen Bake technology lets you skip preheating for frozen dishes like pizza, lasagna, chicken nuggets, fries or pies. Cook food faster with the kitchen range’s true convection cooking. Convection Conversion will do the math for you to adjust cooking times and temperatures. The FlexHeat triple radiant element is like having three elements in one to fit small pots and pans and make room for larger cookware on the range stove. Plus, when it’s time to cleanup, AquaLift self-cleaning technology provides odor-free cleaning without harsh chemicals in only 50 minutes.

  • 6.4 cu. ft. super capacity gives you the room to cook a main dish and side dishes at the same time
  • Cooktop features 2 FlexHeat 3000-Watt burners, 1-1200-Watt burner, 1-300-Watt/1300-Watt burner and a 100-Watt warming zone for great cooking power and flexibility when cooking multiple dishes at once
  • FlexHeat triple radiant element is like having 3 elements in one, a 6 in. inner ring is great for smaller pots and pans, while 9 in. and 12 in. outer rings make room to heat larger cookware
  • Your oven will do the math for you when you need to convert traditional recipes for convection cooking, automatically adjusting cooking times and temperatures
  • Frozen Bake technology cooks frozen foods faster by eliminating the need to preheat the oven, just select the food type, temperature and cook time listed on the frozen item’s package and the oven will start customizing, now you can cook frozen pizza 31% faster and even lasagna, chicken nuggets, fries and pies can get from the oven to the table in less time
  • Save time when you only need to bake on one rack, rapid preheat uses all of the elements and a rear fan to heat the oven quickly, a built-in sensor monitors oven temperature and adjusts the cooking elements to help food bake evenly
  • Electronic pads and knob controls are easy-to-use and offer precise temperature adjustment
  • Get odor-free cleaning without harsh chemicals in only 50 minutes, AquaLift self-cleaning technology uses only water and low heat to help remove baked-on foods from the bottom of the oven
  • Large oven window helps make monitoring cooking progress easier without opening the door
  • 3 oven racks and 7 rack guide positions for multi-rack baking
  • Hidden bake element allows easy oven cleaning without an exposed bake element in the way
  • True convection cooking helps you cook foods faster by using a third element plus a fan to distribute hot air evenly over, under and around food
  • Taking care of spills on the ceramic glass cooktop is easy thanks to its smooth surface that can be quickly wiped cleaned
  • Adjustable, maximum capacity rack not only makes room for large items, but also secures items that might slide around, this specialized recessed rack sits low in the oven to also crisp the bottom of pie crusts, pizzas and more