Speed Queen Stacked Washer-Dryer


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Quiet Operation

Sleeping babies, nervous dogs, team calls from the home office – there are plenty of reasons we like a quiet atmosphere in the house. We get it…and make sure our machines oblige measuring in at only 43dB.

Dynamic Balancing

Commercial quality means running all cycles to completion even the most out-of-balance ones. We do this with a combination of commercial components and technology others can’t match.

Center Controls

Control right where you want it – front and center. Our center control panel for both units eliminates reaching and bending.

Efficiency and Convenience

The perfect blend of efficient use of resources and features that make laundry day a breeze, Speed Queen has it all. Oh, did we mention our industry-leading reliability?
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Ultimate Fabric
Care Control

Special Cycles: Tailored to get results
Delay Start: Get a jump on the laundry task
Favorite Cycles: Most-used cycles at your fingertips
Speed Cycle: Performance in a flash
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Sanitize with Oxi

We’re all concerned about achieving a higher level of clean. With a sanitize with Oxi cycle, you’ll have another tool to drive to that goal.
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You can read all about our five-stage product development process and rigorous testing here, or you can just gain peace of mind through our industry-best warranties.
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Commercial Heritage

Our reliability, measured in decades, has been crafted and reinforced for more than a century. When it comes to value, pedigree matters.
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National Accolades

We can tell you all about how great and reliable our products are, but maybe will let that story be told through national publications, organizations, magazines.
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American Quality

For more than 110 years, Speed Queen has produced quality products right here in Ripon, Wisconsin.
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