Maytag Front Control Built-In Tall Tub Dishwasher in Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel, 50 dBA


Model: MDB4949SHZ

  • Quiet at only 50 dBA per IEC standards
  • Most powerful motor on the market among leading brands
  • Heated Dry ups temperatures to get dishes nice and dry
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Maytag builds a strong, yet quiet dishwasher with a Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel exterior and stainless steel tub to stand up to years of the toughest cleaning jobs. We’ve thrown in the most powerful dishwasher motor on the market and a 4-blade stainless steel chopper. Plus, we stand behind what we’ve built with a 10-year limited parts warranty.

  • Maytag dishwashers feature the most powerful motor on the market. Powerful enough to handle dried-on egg yolk and peanut butter without prerinsing, this motor can handle your dirtiest dishes
  • No more scraping plates. The 4-blade stainless steel chopper disintegrates the food particles that come off your dishes so they don’t end up recirculating and sticking to your dishes and glassware
  • The POWERBLAST cycle removes stuck-on food with high pressure spray jets, increased temperature and hot steam to finish the job
  • Up the temperature to reduce excess moisture inside your dishwasher and get dishes nice and dry
  • You’re in control with a simple tap of your finger. Smooth, tap-to-activate settings give you quick and seamless access to powerful cleaning
  • Easy-to-clean, fingerprint resistant stainless steel helps prevent smudges and keeps your dishwasher looking as good on the outside as it works on the inside
  • This dishwasher is made to perform at only 50 dBA, so you can enjoy the cleaning power of a mighty Maytag at a low noise level. (Per IEC standards.)
  • We packed in sturdy stainless steel that’s ready for cycle after cycle of tough cleaning. Built for high heat and less likely to crack than plastic, stainless steel materials also resist stains to help keep your dishwasher looking good for years to come
  • The Steam Sanitize option lets you confidently wash important items with a high-temperature rinse that removes 99.999% of food soil bacteria
  • The full stainless steel tub is built of stainless steel from top to bottom, so its tough enough to handle high heat and resist cracking and staining for years
  • Our 2X Life tested motor is built to last and tested to prove it. (Twice life testing based on accelerated 20-year life testing, normal cycle, average use.)
  • After a big meal, you’ll need room to fit all your glasses or plates. The tiered upper rack is designed like stadium seating to hold everything from small saucers to large plates and taller glasses
  • Premium DURAGUARD nylon racks have a heavy-duty coating that resists rust
  • The end-of-cycle indicator lets you know exactly where the dishwasher is in the wash cycle: when it’s in process, when it’s finished and when the Steam Sanitize option is in use
  • ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers use less water and energy than standard models, helping you save money on utility bills
  • Whirlpool Corporation started in 1911 as a small company in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Today we are a global home appliance business selling products around the world. We are proud of our American heritage and ingenuity that have driven innovation for over 100 years


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