LG Electronics 26.2 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator with In-Door Ice Maker in Stainless Steel


Model: LSXS26326S

  • 17 cu. ft. of fridge space and 9.2 cu. ft. of freezer space
  • Smart Cooling system helps keep your food fresher, longer
  • LEDs provide an exceptionally bright interior & save energy

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With a generous 26.2 cu. ft., this Side-By-Side refrigerator provides customizable capacity for even more ways to use your space. With adjustable, slide-out shelving, gallon-size door bins and multiple drawers, our side-by-side refrigerators give you incredible organization, so you can find just what you need in a snap. Plus, they come with sophisticated LG styling and features like SpacePlus Ice System, IcePlus, an intuitive LED display, contoured doors, and Digital Temperature Controls to help keep your food fresher than ever.

  • Meets the minimum federal energy efficiency standards
  • A convenient water and ice dispenser keeps ice and water close at hand, saving you from opening the door every time you want water or ice
  • The LG SpacePlus Ice System is on the inside door, freeing up valuable space in the fresh food shelf compartments. More space means you can store more food
  • LT800PC water filter reduces impurities from household water, giving you filtered water for up to 6 months
  • Smart Cooling system is designed to maintain superior conditions within the refrigerator. The Linear Compressor reacts quickly to temperature fluctuations and helps keep food fresher, longer. Meanwhile, strategically-placed vents in every section help to surround your food with cool air no matter where you put it
  • 4 tempered glass shelves provide high visibility and easy cleanup access
  • 2 humidity-controlled crispers help preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables with selectable humidity levels
  • 4 refrigerator door bins, 3 Gal. sized door bins provide more door storage and free up shelf space
  • 17 cu. ft. refrigeration capacity provides ample cooling space, while 9.2 cu. ft. freezer capacity allows for additional cold storage
  • Contoured doors, hidden hinges and a host of great interior features give your refrigerator a look as sophisticated as it is functional
  • LED panels in the refrigerator and freezer provide an exceptionally bright interior and saves energy over traditional lighting
  • Door alarm alerts you if the doors are left open to help avoid costly food spoilage
  • 2-Door Side-By-Side Refrigerator has the fridge compartment on the right and the freezer compartment on the left


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