Samsung- StormWash Top Control Dishwasher in Stainless Steel


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Product Description

  • StormWash: Powerful rotating jets wash even the dirtiest dishes
  • AutoRelease Door: Door opens to dry dishes faster
  • Indicator Light: Indicates the dishwasher is on

The Samsung StormWash Dishwasher cleans the messiest pots and pans without the hassle of pre-washing. This heavy-duty system has powerful rotating spray jets to clean at every angle for even tough to reach spots. The Auto-Release door pops open, to circulate air and accelerate drying time, while the Flex-Load Rack can adjust to accommodate bulky cookware and tall delicate glasses simultaneously.

  • Digital Leak Sensor identifies leaks as small as 2.7 oz. and shuts itself off before water can escape
  • A 4 layer door and special insulation system significantly minimizes noise during operation
  • FlexLoad racking – A new flexible racking system makes it easy to fit various dishware shapes and sizes
  • Touch Control – An integrated panel makes it easy to select functions with a gentle touch. Located on the top of the door for easy access, it offers simple control and is clear and easy to read
  • Sani Rinse option sanitizes dishes eliminating 99.99% of food bacteria, as certified by NSF International
  • Hidden heating element helps protect plastic, while Auto Release door improves drying 35%
  • 6 wash cycles and 6 options let you adjust the pressure and temperature
  • Accommodate 15 place settings so that you can wash more dishes at once
  • Sturdier, enhanced tines help your dishes stay put
  • Half load option offers greater flexibility to do small loads, saving energy and water
  • This dishwasher is ENERGY STAR compliant so that you can save money on your energy and water bills
  • Self-Cleaning Filtration System to wash away food debris


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